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How to grow positive Google reviews

Online reviews matter! 94% of consumers read reviews before choosing a business.
Google reviews are important, but how do you get more reviews?

That’s exactly why we’re sharing this information with you! Below, you will find 10 easy ways to get more Google reviews. These are ideas and actions you can quickly implement in your own business…most of which are free!

Google Reviews

1. Just Ask!

Easiest way to get a review is to just ask!
When you know you’ve created a delightful experience for a customer, that’s the best time to ask for a review. While interacting with customers, there are many opportunities to ask for Google reviews. Train your staff to recognize these opportunities, and make sure they are asking for reviews.

2. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews.

72% of people asked will leave a review, if you make it easy. How do you make it easy?

Many customers simply do not know how to leave a google review or they may not be able to put into words how their experience was.

Let them know that they can leave a star rating without writing anything a rereview. If they do wish to write a review, it can be short and sweet.


3. Send a well timed follow up email or text.

After a positive customer experience, send a follow up asking for their feedback.

Make it easy, include the Google link in the email/text with brief instructions.

These can be sent through an email or text message, where the link is clickable to make their review request easy.

4. Send Reminders.

If you do not receive a review right away, that’s ok, people. However, do send a follow up request multiple times.

Sending reminders will increase the amount of reviews you receive. People are busy, or sometimes they just forget.

Reminding customers is important. Meet them on their time and their preferred medium (email or text).

It’s also good to time the reminders. Best practice is 3-5 days in between so the customer does not get many requests at once.

5. Add a Review Link on your Website!

Adding a link to your website is an easy way for customers to find your Google business and leave a review.

Along with a link on your website, you can include  a brief video with instructions on how to leave a Google review.

6. Purchase Review Generation software.

Review generation tools streamline the review process and make it much easier for your customers to leave reviews.

These tools make it easy for the business to send review requests, monitor feedback, and respond to any negative reviews.

For example, Rocket My Reviews is an online reviews and marketing tool designed specifically to help business owners to get more Google reviews.

7. Respond to bad reviews

Review your reviews at least once a week, daily if possible. Let your customers know that you received the feedback, that it’s important, and offer a resolution. Typically that’s all they are looking for.

This is a great way to turn a negative into a positive and earn the customer back and their word of mouth is also important. Own it, and let them know you/your staff are always working to improve.

When customers see that you monitor and respond to reviews – even negative ones – they’re more likely to see you as a stand-up company and are willing to do business with you again, and/or share with their friends and family.

8. Shout it out! Share your good reviews.

Putting good reviews on your website helps to promote your business to new customers, and can result in more reviews from other customers.

Consumers are conditioned by Amazon to not take the company’s word for it. Consumers pay attention to what other customers have to say.

9. Make leaving reviews super simple by displaying “leave us a review” cards with your own branded QR code.

This is a great way to ask for reviews by simply having the customer scan your custom branded QR after their experience. These can be displayed at checkout, on the tables, or stations, there are many applications, including adding your “Leave us a review QR code” on your receipts, invoices, etc. The easier you make it for them to give you a review, the more reviews you will receive. More reviews turns into more customers!

For example, your QR code provided by Rocket My Reviews, or custom branded “Tap-Tag” Review Cards (optional) are great ways to make it easy for customers to leave reviews

Example – Please leave us a Review on Google!

Simply scan the QR code and leave us a Review!

Your Rocket My Reviews custom QR code (available as part of your service) sends them directly to Google’s review page, making it super easy to get more reviews!

10. Ask for Reviews on Social Media such as Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and others.

Social media platforms are ideal ways to increase awareness and drive more visibility to your business.

Rocket My Reviews is an easy to use and powerful software you can use to make it easy to get more Google reviews and grow your business!