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Review Management Software, AKA “Reputation Management Software” What Are The Advantages?

What is review management/reputation management software?

Review management software, also known as reputation management software, are designed to help businesses better manage their online reviews and reputation, all from one unified platform or toolset. Online review management software enables a business to provide an easy and efficient way to obtain more reviews and to track and analyze their reviews in one area.
As Google, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media giants continue to grow in popularity, businesses have had to change the way they interact and attract customers. Typically when someone enters your business there’s a very high probability (94%) they have already researched and formed an opinion based on your online reviews. For this reason alone, having a steady stream of good reviews should be a priority for any business. Using a review management software allows a business to easily obtain reviews in an efficient, measurable, and streamlined manner.

Why then should you use review management software?

Well, review management software helps you generate more reviews for one. It also allows you to respond to, and post reviews for your business while saving time, boosting your business’ online credibility, and to better manage your company’s online reputation by catching negative customer reviews before they go public. More and more businesses are using software tools to better manage, protect their brands, and grow their local SEO ranking.

94% of consumers look online for reviews prior to going to a business or making an online purchase. 86% of those customers are known to choose the competitor when a company has negative reviews. By using review management software, you can easily generate a steady stream of good reviews by making it easy for your customers to leave reviews through email or text message or a branded QR code.

What people see and read online about your business’s reputation represents your business’s brand and positive reviews significantly help a business increase reviews and maintain a positive online presence. To manage your brand, you have to effectively and proactively manage your online reputation, as that’s where the people are, online. Review management software makes it easy for new customers to find your business, and gain an understanding of how you conduct your business and treat your customers. Your online reputation matters and staying relevant is key.

Benefits of Review Management Software:

  • Helps you get more reviews. More reviews = more customers.
  • Helps you dominate Google’s “Map Pack”.
  • Helps proactively manage your business’s brand and reputation.
  • Helps you to resolve customer issues.
  • Helps build customer trust.
  • Grows revenue.
  • Creates positive word-of-mouth.
  • Identifies business opportunities.
  • Grows your digital presence.
  • Promotes online endorsements.

Saves Time, and Time is Money

Having multiple platforms can be difficult, so it is imperative to choose a review/reputation management software application that is easy to use, saving you time and allowing you to focus more time on running your business. With the right review management software, you can easily increase reviews, respond to reviews, send reminders, and get feedback all from one platform, centralizing all the online places where you interact with your customers.

Improve Online Reputation

Consumers, now more than ever rely on online reviews. All the statistics support this. Yes, occasionally they still rely on word of mouth from friends and family, but those too are increased through the use of review management software. It’s been found that 80% of consumers trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family. With one Google search, they can now learn all they need to know about your business and make a decision on whether they will choose you or your competition.
If you have a strong online presence with a lot of recent, good reviews you will drive more new customers to your business. If the reviews are negative, old, low in quantity or nonexistent, you will most likely lose business to your competition if their reviews are better. It’s just how it works. The best way to be seen by potential new customers is to boost your online reputation through more and better reviews.

Boost Your Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In person businesses rely on local SEO. Local SEO takes proximity into consideration when showing the potential customer results. By managing your online reputation, you can greatly increase your local SEO ranking because a solid number of good reviews ensures that Google searches see you not only as a real business, but also a quality service experience. The more reviews you have the higher you will be pushed up on Google’s Map Pack, and the one’s at the top are the businesses doing more business.

Transparent Marketing and Online Reputation Management

When potential customers see that your business responds to positive and negative reviews, it shows them that you have an active presence online, and that you matter to them, which matters to prospective customers. The way potential customers perceive a business has a significant impact on sales as more people read online reviews than ever before. Because of this, It’s important for a business to have a solid online presence, with a lot of positive reviews and ideally a social media presence. When a negative review comes in, review management software allows business owners to respond quickly to resolve the issue with the customer. Consumers see this and think more positively about a business that cares about their customers, that they are important, and are willing to make improvements. This looks good to potential customers as they see you’re willing to take feedback and make changes necessary to satisfy customers. Because reviews and your online reputation is more important now than ever, having an easy to use, automated review management software is very beneficial to your business. Review management software has one of the highest return on investments/back for your buck compared to other marketing and advertising expenditures.